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Curly aos Bocadinhos

Curly aos Bocadinhos

In reading mood!

New position at work comes along with a large amount of paperwork to be read!


(Imagem retirada da Internet)


I think in 3 days I probably read more than over the last 3 months...seriously!


And reading is what I can expect for at least 2 weeks.


And I have no clue, but it seems all things read so far are like 1% of all I will have to read!


It's going to be fun!




Why the post in English?

Porque me apetece!

O blog é meu e escrevo em que língua me apetecer!


But, it's actually because I have reset my brain back to 80% English, 20% Portuguese!

After 6 months in another position where I went back to 99% Portuguese my English got a bit rusty!